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Access Funding Center, Inc. provides a consulting service for a large variety of clients who sell products and or services to consumers.  In short, you can turn your consumer receivables or contracts into cash instead of waiting months or years to receive payment.  You may have already discovered difficulty in procuring the financing you need from traditional sources.  Access Funding Center, Inc.’s specialty is to locate purchase programs for all levels of credit risk, so as to enable you to acquire the maximum cash from your contracts.

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In addition to creative financing options for your consumer contracts, there are also innovative loan servicing programs and bad debt collections programs available.  These programs are typically available in non-standard industries, which provide you the added benefit of working with a finance company that knows your customers and how to maximize their value to you.

There are customized and flexible plans available which are designed to deliver the level of service and financial support that is right for you.  This enables you to access the money you need from your sales immediately, instead of having to wait and receive payment incrementally over the life of the contract.  Your new sales can be quickly qualified and funded so that you can optimize your cash flow and keep on growing your business.  This can also save you time and expense in managing the monthly receivables of your consumer receivables or contracts.

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In the area of consumer receivable financing, one of the most profitable aspects of this service is that your customers who do not meet the minimum credit standards for purchasing will not be lost.  Although the discounts and reserves will always reflect the credit quality of customers, there are purchase programs available for C and D credit consumers as well as A and B credit consumers.

Conversely, there are programs which will allow you to sell your A and B consumer papers for immediate cash flow, while electing to have your C and D consumer papers serviced on a monthly basis. This can provide you the "best of both worlds"... maximum cash up front for short-term growth as well as growing a portfolio of residual income for long-term stability.

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